Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association



  REFERRALS -  The NSLGA has given approximately 260 referrals to homeowners across Long Island looking for legal, insured, dependable landscape gardeners. (call office if you wish to be included in the referral system)

  DEC CREDITS - The NSLGA offered over 200 recertification credits given through meetings, seminars and trips.

  LEGAL LABELS - The NSLGA offers Legal Amended Pesticide Labels to it’s members (call office for more info.)

  CONTRACTS - The NSLGA developed a sample contract format with the DEC that conform with Title 10 Regulations (called KISS)

  CONSULTING - The NSLGA met with over 350 of its members, one on one, helping them handle problems with DEC, DOT, INS, business registration, etc., etc.

  CLASSES - The NSLGA conducted EIGHT 30-hour pesticide classes and SIX 8-hour apprentice classes throughout the year.

  CONFERENCE - The NSLGA held its Annual Professional Turf, Plant and Tree Conference at the Nassau Coliseum.

  AWARENESS - The NSLGA gave out over 48,000 Hire the Professional Flyers, through different shows at Planting Fields Arboretum, Cornell Cooperative Extension field days, local towns, re-cycling fairs, and members including them with their invoices, estimates and contracts.

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P.O. Box 489, Brightwaters, New York 11718
Phone 631-665-2250 Fax 631-665-7004 E-Mail